Day 1 of 10: Top Favorite Albums - Stevie Wonder "Hotter than July"

Day 1/10 Top 10 favorite albums

I was 10 years old when this came out and it was the first full-length LP that was purchased for me to own. The first album of my own. Wow.

I didn't really understand music aside from that I liked what I heard. I was a pretty serious reader at that time with an imagination active enough to let me create a new set of images every time I heard a song that I liked, like directing music videos.

Stevie's voice is mature but still so very young sounding, not strained at all and he crafts such beautiful stories on this record. I loved reading the liner notes and a funny thing is that the lyrics are laid out literally like when he vocalizes a nonsensical phrase like "dun-ya" it is typed in the lyrics. I found that interesting.

There's "reggae", country, funk, ballads. This record was, to me at ten years old, like tasting something so intense that it tickles the back of your throat or... like your first real orgasm (yes I typed that, get over it) - it's so - you don't even know - but you like it so much that you know for sure that you want it to happen again and as much as possible. It was overwhelming.


Standouts on the record are:

1. "Master Blaster" - I adored this song

2. "I ain't gonna stand for it" - that bass break down - fugget about it!

3. "As if you read my mind"

4. "Cash in your Face" - stevie telling a real story, changing voices, word play....

5. " Do Like You"


My folks were split at that time but I don't think officially divorced at the time so songs like "Rocket Love" and "Latley" get mention but I can't listen to them really.

Overshare maybe but I've already mentioned orgasms and if I'm going to do a facebook music 'thingy' I'm going to put a lil' thought into it.


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