365 Days of Bass

The 365 Days of bass project that I started in January of 2017 came mostly out of a need to challenge myself to do something productive everyday so that I would be able to release a new piece of content every single day of the year. I knew that when I came up with the project on a whim that I would run into an obstacle here and there and would even look back on some of the content that I produced and think "hmm, that could be better" or "hmmm, ok now I'm on to something.

The content isn't "new" and I think that for anyone to claim some sort of "ownership" over a concept like chord tones, for instance, is just silly. My goal was and is to use a tool like instagram to deliver short bursts of usable information. In a way that is immediately useful to the viewer.  Don't get me wrong, I don't think that what I or anyone does online should take the place of having a solid relationship with a great teacher.

I'm just super excited about the future of these types of platforms and how they are used to share information. I'm having a blast with my #365daysofbass project and I hope that you are too! If you haven't checked them out you can see the archive at instagram.com @365daysofbass2017