Playing bass

You should never play bass with a pick. Not ever. Real bass players don't.


That's just crazy talk. Who ever says something like this or believes this kind of gibberish has obviously never heard the following plectrum pioneers. 

Anthony Jackson - "For the love of money" 

Music video by The O'Jays performing For The Love of Money (Audio). (C) 1973 Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Bobby Vega - all around badass but here he is at a clinic just tearing that bass a new one.

A clinic of Bobby Vega during the Eurobassday 2010 in Verona - PART 3

Carol Kaye - session pioneer

Leon Sylvers III - And The Beat Goes On *I've heard from insiders that this was played with a pick. Whether it was or not this is an example of some great groove.

And The Beat Goes On by the Whispers © 1979 Unidisc Music Group

 No, tone doesn't just magically "come from your fingers". That's crazy. Crazy talk I say! Sure it starts there but "tone" is a combination of many things. The instrument, the amp, the effects and maybe even a pick.  At the end of the day all of these things are simply tools used to get whatever sound inside of your head and heart out to the ears of the listener. 

Tell me who I missed. I'm sure that there are tones of great players who use a pick that I should check out. Let me know who they are in the comments below. 

*Addendum Paul Peterson (The Family, fDeluxe, The Time) and Victor Wooten

4 Ways to get the most out of your bass (or any instrument) lessons

4 Ways to get the most out of your bass (or any instrument) lessons

Somebody once told me that a "short pencil beats a long-term memory any day of the week." I like to say add that a good recording beats a short pencil any day of the week and that's why I've recorded 97% of the lessons that I've taken over the last 8 or so years either on my phone or some sort of portable recording device. Why wouldn't I? I'm paying for them, I should be able to take them home!

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