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Day 2 of 10: Top 10 Favorite Albums

Day 2 - Top 10 favorite albums

Prince - Dirty Mind



I got the single “Uptown” as a gift in 1980 in a stack of 45s given to me by my auntie. This was the lead single from Prince’s third album, “Dirty Mind” which, in my opinion, marked the first real introduction to the Prince persona that the world would come to know throughout the 80’s.

It’s rock, it’s funk, it’s new wave. It was on the funkin’ edge, man. For me, the song “Uptown” fed into my imagination in a pretty profound way. The vision of a utopia where people were free to be who they wanted to be

“Now, where I come from we don't give a damn

We do whatever we please

It ain't about no downtown, nowhere-bound, narrow-minded drag

It's all about being free

Everybody's going uptown

It's where I want to be


This is, oddly enough - considering how funky bass playing was in this golden era - the first place I really feel like I noticed bass. I’ve credited this song as being the one that made me want to be a bassist which may be a bit of a stretch but it definitely had a profound impact on me.

“Dirty Mind” is indeed pretty out there for the times with songs like “Head” and “Sister” but it just isn’t about the dirty part. The grooves are insane. I mean absolutely insane. The rhythm playing is quintessential cake, pocket for days and days just the right amount of synth and guitar icing. I also think that this really marks the entrance of that rhythm guitar playing that has become so synonymous with the MPLS vibe particularly on “Party Up”. This album truly is “Revolutionary Rock & Roll”.





Still relevant lyric:

“Because of their half-baked mistakes

We get ice cream, no cake, all lies, no truth

Is it fair to kill the youth?

Party up”