"Educator" is the fancy title that sounds good and looks somewhat impressive on a resume or as a menu item on a website. Maybe, to some, it seems a bit more important than "teacher." Honestly, I like to think that I share my experiences with others in a way that allows them to teach themselves.

I started teaching privately in 2007 after leaving a customer service job that I didn't care for so that I could pursue a music degree. I managed to build a modest student roster and also started to create video bass lessons on YouTube, which was still relatively new at the time. My YouTube channel led to opportunities to become a contributor to NoTreble.com, Bass Gear Magazine, sponsorships, and other opportunities to work within the bass community.

I become a K-5 general music educator after earning my B.A. in Music Performance from California State University, East and later, a band coach with School-Of-Rock style camps in the Bay Area. I have taught hundreds of kids how to become musicians who can function and communicate professionally in a band setting and helped shy kids break out of their shell by assisting them in realizing their differences as their superpower.

In 2016 I became the director of the Electric Ensembles (Rock and R&B bands) at COVA: Conservatory of Vocal Arts, a charter school in the Oakland Unified School District. Our most significant accomplishment to date with groups that consist of sophomores, juniors, and graduating seniors, was our tribute to Prince and Shiela E on May 15, 2019.