What are Fretwraps and what do they do?

Fretwraps are a professional string dampener / muting accessory that every studio, session player, and tapping aficionado should have! Slide on a FretWrap to effectively cut overtones and sympathetic resonance during recording, live performance, two-hand tapping, or any creative situation where you need that extra muting hand for cleaner takes without the unwanted string noise or ringing. The adjustable strap lets you fine-tune the pressure and dampening of the strings. Quickly slides over the headstock when not in use. No special guitar modification, installation, or tools required - Yet amazingly effective!

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Your music teacher isn't responsible for how well you play.

Your music teacher isn't "responsible" for your progress. You are.

Let me explain.

Good music teachers are responsible for giving you accurate academic information and, when appropriate, stylistic suggestions.

"You", the student, have to practice as prescribed by your teacher, listen to the music that you want to be able play and use what your learn in your lessons as a springboard for further exploration.

I have often told students that I am here to "crack open the door to an extremely large room. You are free to explore any part of it but you've got to walk around." 

I met a guy last year or so who complained incessantly about how bad every teacher he had had was. He was also a guy that found it hard to practice even the smallest things from week to week and one day he got upset with me when I tried to explain to him why he might not be grasping a particular concept. All I could do is throw my hands up and say "I don't think this is gonna work out ". But I was really thinking was "bro, maybe it's not them… It's you." But of course I don't think that would've gone over that well. My whole point is that the student has to be willing to be in charge learning and growth when the teacher isn't around. 

Random thoughts on teaching music.


#BassLessonsDaily day 66

In today's mini bass lesson will take a look at the verse and chorus sections of "hard day" by George Michael. This is a really cool since groove originally played in E flat. I have transposed it to E minor for those of you who played four string bass. By all means tune down a half step to E flat if you want to play along with the record. It's a really killer song and one of my favorites from that time period. 



Day 65

So I am committing myself to making this website my absolute homepage I do a lot of interaction via Instagram, YouTube and Facebook of course  but I really need to get better about making this website by ultimate home base…

if you've been connecting with me for any length of time you know that this year (2017) I started a 365 project where I release a mini bass lesson or groove tutorial every day of the year. I've been having great success with streamlining the process and getting things up on all those other platforms that I mention fairly quickly but I've got a start getting serious about posting them and making sure that they live on this website as well. That's why we're starting with Dey 65!