Local and Remote Recording Sessions

I can record bass guitar remotely for musicians around the world. You send me a guide track and any instructions and I record a bass line and send it to you over the internet from my studio in the Bay Area.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Excellent client communication
  • Adaptable to different requirements
  • Don’t pay until you are happy
  • Safe and secure delivery of files
  • Over 20 years of studio experience and over 5 years of online sessions
  • Films, TV, jingles, hobby recordings
  • Proficient in many styles and techniques
  • Groove and playing for the song is paramount
  • Any Genre
  • Fast turn around
  • Affordable

Private Electric Bass Lessons [Local or Skype]

I teach electric bass lessons to all levels from beginner to working pro. I have a knack for helping intermediate players break bad habits and breaking through the "adult baggage" that often hinders progress.

• Techniqe
• Neck recognition
• Functional Harmony
• Reading (Charts and Standard Notation)
• Ear training
• Transcription / Groove Analysis / Repertoire


Home Recording / Desktop Production Lessons